Casting Notice

Books, a play by Stuart Kaminsky


A gun goes off putting a regular book store into the center of a criminal's farce. When a would-be bank robber hides out in a bookstore it's up to everyone inside to turn the situation around and maybe make a profit. To say that the characters in this story are incompetent is to undermine the depth of their inadequacy.

Character Breakdown

Betty (40s or 50s) Co-owner of Haven Books. She can look death in the face and crack a joke. She might be dying.

Maddy (25-35) Level headed to a point and the other owner of Haven Books. She has a dark past.

Brian (30-40) Brian sucks at being a thief. He is self centered, trigger-happy, and should probably read a book.

Christopher (30s) constantly makes references to old films and novels. What he lacks in personality he makes up for in a hunger to steal books.

Cop (Any age 18+ and gender doesn’t matter) is a bloodhound for crime ...or maybe a pomeranian for crime... maybe a cat.

Roger Edmonds (over 40) is not a good public defender and even worse clown.

Claudia (40s or 50s) a no-nonsense assistant district attorney.

Eddie (30-40) Brian’s partner in crime.

(Roles for Roger, Claudia, and Eddie may be doubled.)

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