Rhinebeck Theatre Society

My Fair Lady

Directed by Robb Fessler
Music direction by JoAnne and Paul Schubert
Choreography is by Liv Larson
Assistant directed by Eric Leary.

The cast stars Amy Catherine Welch as Eliza Doolittle, Jeremy Ratel as Henry Higgins, David Shakopi as Hugh Pickering, Anthony Carl as Freddy Eynsford-Hill and Miki Da Torre as Alfred P. Doolittle, with Kathy Bailey, Buddy Clark, Danielle Cohen, Cora Colwell, Leah Conklin, Allegra Coons, Kennedy Davey, Ashton Fariello, Kai Gajdos, Mary Krembs, Philip Legare, Carolyn Lieberman, Gretchen Nau, Jessica Osterhoudt, Howie Riggs, Aya Rock-Stryker, Linda Roper, Mary Ruggerone, Tom Starace, Wendy Urban-Mead, and Dennis Wakeman rounding out the cast.

Rhinebeck Theatre Society
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Compleat Female Stage Beauty by Jeffrey Hatcher

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