Rhinebeck Theatre Society proudly presents Ibsen's classic A Doll's House as part of its 2018 “Season of Women.” Noted as one of the first feminist plays, A Doll’s House examines the role of wives within Victorian marriage constructs. 

Set in Norway in 1879 at Christmastime, the play follows Nora Helmer’s understanding that the loan she secretly took a decade earlier to save her husband’s life does not increase his love for her, but rather illuminates his loyalty to propriety and selfimage above all else.  At the time it was written, the play's ending caused such a stir that it became the subject of dinner party conversations across Europe. 

In its own production of Ibsen’s A Doll’s House, Rhinebeck Theatre Society seeks to revisit themes of changing gender roles, how women continue the fight for equality and recognition, and how self-discovery is nurtured through the recognition of what expectations and constructs have shaped one’s path in life. 

Performances Feb. 2-18, Fridays & Saturdays at 8PM, Sundays at 3PM.

TEACHERS: Are you teaching Ibsen to your class?

Bring your class to a School Show! One School Show performance only, February 14 @ 10AM, $8/seat, advance registration required.                     Call 845-876-3088, ext. 13.


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Our mission is to entertain, educate, and enrich the Hudson Valley community through the dramatic arts. This mission is accomplished by:
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